More than a momentary thrill...


by Valerie C. Noble

Disclaimer:  Yes, this really happened.  My imagination, though vivid and wild at times, could not have conjured up such a thing as the following event.  Besides, my rather sensible husband is witness!  Oh, and Trevor, if he remembers...

Before this happened, I would have denied having a “favorite” among the members of soulDecision.  My affection is for the whole group, I would have argued.

Here’s what I once wrote to my friends when asked about who was my favorite:

“Obviously, I think Trevor is the cutest one.  (He's the tall blond guy who sometimes reminds me of Val Kilmer, except Trevor smiles a lot more.  <G>)  But Ken, the keyboardist fellow, wrote my favorite song of the CD, "Gravity."  (The title of my page comes from a line in that song.)  And Dave, the dark haired fellow, is kinda spunky and I like that too.  I guess I like them all!...”

But now?

It was one of those chance things.  Because really, what were the chances?  But before I get ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning…

When I realized, rather late, that soulDecision was going to be in Northern California, I just had to mention it to the husband.  Our choices were the Sacramento Valley Amphitheatre and the Concord Pavillion.  Although the Pavillion is closer, we opted for the Amphitheatre because 1- it was on a Saturday and 2- we could make a little weekend getaway out of it.  So the hubby bid for tickets on eBay and off we went!

The event was actually a Christina Aguilera concert with Destiny’s Child opening.  The husband agreed to go mostly to watch Destiny’s Child and I of course wanted to see soulDecision.  On Saturday the 14th, we left the Bay Area and headed to the Sacramento Valley.  We checked into our room in Roseville, then made the trek up 65 to Marysville.

It was a gorgeous day.  The sun was descending as we drove along the farmland towards the amphitheatre.  After we parked, we headed inside the gates and got some drinks, then wandered around.  We checked out our seats, which were in section 208.  Not too bad.  After we sat a bit, we decided to go down and see what kind of merchandise we could spend our money on.

Now, I was very set on buying something sD, so I was extremely disappointed to find absolutely nothing!  Oh sure, lots of Christina stuff and cool DC things, but no sD!  We wandered throughout the whole outer area, but nothing.  I was sad!

We were in the less crowded area when we decided to take a look at the young woman performing at an area called Stage 1.  The husband called her a “Britney wannabe.”  Maybe it was the dancing in leather thing.  Her name was Julieanne, I think.  As we passed a group of guys, my eyes widened.  We stopped and my husband asked me what was up.

“One of the soulDecision guys is standing over there!”  I said.  “Trevor Guthrie!”  Of course, I said all of this in a loud whisper.

My husband glanced over, then told me to go up and say hello to him.  Right, very good idea.  I had him hold my beer as I fiddled through my pockets for a pen.  I figured Trevor could sign my ticket and I most definitely regretted not bringing my camera.  (Why did I have to be the rules abiding gal and not bring my trusty camera?  Oh, the very one regret!)

Trevor, casual in pants and a sleeveless shirt, was standing with some guys, but not with Dave or Ken.  I made sure of that.  Didn’t want to seem rude if they were standing there too!  I composed myself and approached him.  I waited to catch his eye and when I did, I said,

“Are you Trevor Guthrie?”

He gave me a quizzical smile, “Yes.”

“Hi, I’m Valerie,” I smiled back.

“Do we know each other?”  He asked.

I laughed and shook my head.  “No.”

He laughed and held his hand out and we shook hands.  I think he said, “Hello Valerie” or something like that.

I told him that I was there to see soulDecision and that I was really looking forward to seeing them perform.  He seemed pleased and I also said how sad I was that there wasn’t anything to buy of them!  He explained that their stuff didn’t get there but that they would have merchandise when they were touring with N’Sync.

I asked him for an autograph and he happily obliged.  I took out my ticket for him to sign, but as he asked how to spell my name, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to see it.  Luckily, I had my little journal (to write down their set during their performance), so I took that out.  As he flipped through the pages, he said something like, “Ohh, is this a diary?  Should I just sign anywhere?”  Yes to both, I think I replied.

As he signed, he said that it was weird to hear his last name.  “Did I say it wrong?”  I asked, wondering how I could have done that.  He laughed.  “No, it’s just that people usually just say Trevor.  That’s why I thought we had met before because you said Trevor Guthrie.”

Okay, I smiled.  Then I remembered, “Oh, I have a question.”  He stood closer to me as he listened and signed.  “What songs did Ryan Gosling sing backup on?”

[For those who don’t know me, I am a fan of Ryan Gosling.  I adore the young man.  And according to the linear notes of No One Does It Better, he does a bit of backup vocals, but no mention of which songs…]

Trevor grinned.  “Ryan did the ‘na na na na na na na.’”  I smiled.  He sang the last part for me and I actually knew the song!  “The song’s ‘Feelin’ You,’” he told me.  He went on to say how Ryan was there when they were recording and he joined in for fun.

He handed my pen and journal back and I thanked him very much.    I told him once again how I was looking forward to their show.  He told me that I would really enjoy Destiny’s Child.  He said that they were really good.

He held his hand out again,  “It was good to meet you, Valerie.”

I smiled and shook his hand one last time, wishing him luck for the performance.  I headed back to the hubby and Trevor soon after disappeared backstage.  It was only after he was gone that I took out my journal to see what he wrote...

the little black journal he signed


Stoked-  “slang : being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state”

That would be me, soon after meeting Trevor and now as I write this.  I just couldn’t believe that I saw him, approached him, talked with him, and acted like a normal person throughout.  Okay, I was probably a bit giddy, but hey, I think he understood.  I also couldn’t believe that no one recognized him!  Then again, we were in Marysville.  Even here in the Bay Area not many know soulDecision are.  Yet.

According to several fansites out there, Trevor stands at 6’1”.  A lean 6’1”, I might add.  Yes, very cute, especially when he smiles.  Nice, firm handshake- always important.    Altogether, I must say that Trevor is utterly adorable.  He was friendly and approachable and it was so nice to meet him.

My husband, who was very proud that I approached Trevor, commented that I probably made Trevor’s day by saying hi and acting like a normal person.  Well, Trevor made my night!  Meeting him was definitely a highlight of the concert for me.  And how could I not take the opportunity to meet such a sweet guy?  And now, I can't help but do that big sigh whenever I hear Trevor sing.  I can't help but smile when I think of his smile or the way he sang that little bit for me.  And yes, I guess now I have a favorite guy in soulDecision…

And what was their performance like?  Well, head out to
soulDecision at the Sacramento Valley Amphitheatre for a little report...

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©2000 Valerie C. Noble