The whole week had been a strange one. On the one hand, Iíd been going to work and doing my job as if it were any other day in any other week. On the other hand, Iíd also been cataloging each moment, hoping that the feelings stay with me, that I remember everything I enjoyed about the place.

I canít believe my time there is over. Just the thought of not going into work on Monday scares and exhilarates me. I am FREE! But Iím cut off too. Each day I was there, I interacted with all these people who were wonderful, exasperating, crazy, fun, annoying, loveable, sweet, dorky, silly, and beautiful. I think I will feel a kind of emptiness without all of them now.

But it was time to leave.

The following pictures begin on Tuesday of my last week.  All were taken by my camera by various people.  Thanks to everyone who managed a smile while standing next to me.  :D  You're all GROOVAY!

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Debbie for organizing the swing shift dinner.  It was DELICIOUS!  Thank you for your friendship and wisdom.

Vickie for helping me with my stuff at the end of the night.  I'm glad my last goodbye was to a friend.

Donna for the pies and for also helping with my stuff!  It's been very great working with you.

Huey for the card.  My South Park pal!  Don't tell anyone, but you were my favorite records officer, right next to Dailey.  ;)

Valerie for the parting gift.  I love it!  I'm honored to have worked with such a lovely woman.  I think it's the name.  LOL!

Johnette for the day shift lunch.  You did all of that food?!  I love you for it, you know that?  Thank you so much!  I'm going to miss your lovely singing voice and your laughter in the office.

Kristine for the day shift lunch.  The cake was yummy!  Thank you for teaching me the dispo desk.  I loved the work and it's because of you.  I'm so glad we're friends beyond the dungeon.

Everyone who signed my card, THANK YOU! Your words made me smile a little, laugh a little, and maybe cry a little. 

To my dear friends, my co-workers, and those who crossed my path, I will miss you all very much.  I wish I could name you all here.  Be good, stay strong.

Best always from the former dispos chick,

~Valerie aka Noble~

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THE LAST MONDAY (excerpt from Moonlit Jazz)

I haven't had such an easy Monday in a LONG time. All the courts came back in a very timely manner and I was finished with my work at about 2000 hrs. So I had an hour and a half to kill! I took a break, filed some files, and chatted a bit. It was a good day.

We were short staffed for a Monday, so it was a good thing that we weren't too busy. Well, I'm sure the booking person would beg to differ. ;) I hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly.

I want to take pictures with my co-workers this week. Maybe I'll walk around and take candid shots. ;) "I want to remember you just like this," I could say. LOL!

I can't believe I have just four days left of work. WOW!

THE LAST TUESDAY (excerpt from Moonlit Jazz)

It was a decent Tuesday, this last Tuesday at work. It was busier than yesterday, but I was still finished in a timely manner. ;)

Dinner time was chicken over pasta. I saw DB and took a picture with him. ;) I also saw KV, but he said that he'd be working more this week, so we didn't say our goodbyes quite yet.

Before I left work, I took a picture with RB. He's such a sweet guy!

THE LAST WEDNESDAY (excerpt from Moonlit Jazz)

A sunny and cool day driving towards Dublin. It's springtime, though it has definitely cooled down from last week. I like it. It feels good.

The hump day. My last hump day at work.

Work was all right. Since we were doing the "going away" dinner for me late, I was all caught up before dinner time finally came around. When I got back from eating, I had lots of work, but everything was in. So it was all good.

KV came by my desk, asking when my last day would be. He's going to be working on Friday, so once again we did not say our goodbyes quite yet. We chatted for a bit. I'm so going to miss him!

The party was a lowkey. Great food from Rigatoni's. Chicken pesto and spaghetti. Yum! I took a couple of pictures. I guess I'd better start moving on that! I'll probably take lots of pictures on Friday. I can't believe I have merely two more days of work. CRAZY!

As I was walking out tonight, the sergeant (filling in for our regular sergeant) stopped me and asked if I've quit. I went into his office and replied with a yes. He asked me why and I told him that "officially" I was tired of the commuting. He picked up on the "official" part and asked about it. I actually told him the truth. I'm tired of all the politics, even though it doesn't directly affect me, but it was just getting on my nerves. He understood, I think. He wished me well and off I went...

THE LAST THURSDAY (excerpt from Moonlit Jazz)

And so it comes to this. In 24 hours, I will be sitting here unemployed. YE GODS!

Tonight was a decent one at work. It still wasn't as easy as Monday, but I was finished before quitting time.

The skies were gray and cloudy as I drove to work. By the time I got to Livermore, little droplets of rain dried upon my windshield.

I'm still getting the "Is it true, you're leaving?" comments from people. Everyone is saying nice things to me. It's nice to know they'll notice when I'm gone. I'm really sad about leaving some of these people. They've been lovely.

Dinner in staff dining was lasagna with various leftovers from the retirement party in the afternoon. Yummy cheese filled pasta salad and potato salad complimented the meal. It was actually nice. I want it to be my last meal, but I'm probably going to eat in there tomorrow night.

My last dinner with both of my friends. Our last dinner together and it was a good one. I'm glad for that.

Tomorrow is going to be strange. I hope I don't cry...


I walked into the office just before noon. KA and JJ were still setting up the muster room for lunch. I put my stuff away at my desk and chatted with BE and DL for a little bit before heading into the muster room. The food was very tasty! People started filtering in and I enjoyed the hour of eating and talking and taking pictures. Some people commented about my casual attire and asked if I was going to change into my uniform. I said Iíd rather not and glanced at the sergeant, who basically said that I didnít need to change. Groovay! VC came by and dropped off a gift bag for me. How sweet! It was a good hourÖ

It was officially time for me to start my shift. I was happy to stay in my regular clothes, but it gave the whole shift a kind of surreal feeling.  At times I felt as though I was in a strange dream. I toiled through writing up almost forty releases that first hour, but I only gave JJ eighteen of them or so. I pulled the big stack of court returns and managed to go through some of them before swing shift muster.

My last swing shift muster. The lineup today was RS at intake/female dress, DS on release, JS on booking, PC in male dress, MG in property, RM on the bail phone with CB on the back half, Noble (that's me!) on dispos, and VA on rebooks. BE said a few words about my departure and muster was over much too soon.

I headed out for a few minutes to clean out my locker. Since I didnít need to wear my uniform, I packed it up into my duffle, along with some other stuff in my locker. I should have taken my camera in there to take a picture of my empty locker, but alas!

When I returned to the office, I turned in my keys, my gas card, my CD-ROM, and my badge. My last bit of business will be my ID card to headquarters.

Even though I was still full from lunch, VA and I took our dinner break at the usual time. My last time in staff dining! I had pasta salad and some fruit salad. DB sat with us and inhaled his food. VA asked him how he likes living in Tracy and he replied that he doesn't like it, that it's really just an investment for him.  We chatted while he quickly at his food.  He gave me a hug on his way out.  VA and I sat around for a little bit and then headed back to the office.  I was glad to be out of staff dining.

PC came around and said that it was time for pie courtesy of Miss DS. Yikes! I was still full from dinner and from lunch, but I had a piece of delicious French Silk pie. Mmmm! Then it was back to my desk for more work.

People stopped by my desk throughout the shift to say goodbye. I was really touched by their good wishes and their confidence in me. I really do feel that they appreciated me and the work that I did. I donít know if that made it harder for me to leave. KV, my most favorite deputy, came by for a quick hug. I wanted another picture and he groused about being out of shape, but he took a picture with me anyway. And then I got another hug. Iím so going to miss him!  (How many times have I said that one?  LOL!)

The actually working part was a blur. I had to write up so many releases! It was as if all the judges were being generous. I had one remand and a rather small amount of no counts. It was a good day on the working front. A good way to end my time at dispos.

I finished my work early and I had time to slowly clean up my desk and gather my personal items.  I wandered through the office a bit, took pictures with more people.  I turned in my timesheet to the sergeant and we talked a little bit about his lasik eye surgery.

I made my rounds through the office to say my final goodbyes. First was DS (who ended up walking me to my car). Then CF. After him was JS. Then CB. VA gave me a hug, but she ended up walking me out too.

My last picture was with Sgt. AT. He had come into ITR for some reason (the leftovers?) and he was in the muster room when I was gathering my stuff. I asked to take a picture with him just as he popped a piece of turkey meat in his mouth.

VA and DS walked me out to my car because I had to carry out so much stuff. The rest of my desk, my balloons, my duffle, etc. VA had my balloons and DS had my book bag and fan. I had my duffle and my purse. My car was parked near the kitchen, the first spot against the fence that wasnít marked for BMD or handicapped. I said my goodbyes to VA and DS. I watched them head back to the door.

I drove through the gates just as Jane Monheit began to sing:

"Bye bye baby
Time to hit the road to dreamland
You're mine baby
Dig you in the land of nod
Hold tight baby
We'll be swinging up in dreamland
All night baby
Where the little cherubs trot
Well look at that knocked out moon
You been a-blowing his top in the blue
Never saw the likes of you
Bye bye baby
Time to hit the road to dreamland
Don't cry baby
It was divine but the rooster has finally crowed
Time to hit the road..."


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