In memory of Bill King

Bay Area broadcast legend Bill King dies

Athletics Radio Announcer Bill King Dies

I just cannot believe he is gone. My whole heart feels a little squeezed right now. I want to cry. From the very first moment that I started listening to the A’s, Bill King was THE VOICE. The voice of my baseball team. He never wavered as the years went by and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to hear him a couple of times this past season. I will miss his play by play.

Journey well, voice of the A’s…

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  2. Mike says:

    I started listening to you a long time ago. My Dad worked @ a place called Knowles in Stockton CA. On Sundays I would go to work with him and we would listen to to Raider games; of course there was a TV but it was so much better listening to you on the radio. You’re like a friend I never knew. Even if you didn’t like the Raiders you surely loved to listen to Bill King. You will be missed by me and my son, who also liked to listen to you.

    Well Good-By to a very great announcer


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